How To Enroll

Part-Time Enrollment

There are two ways you can enroll with Destinations Career Academy.

To submit Part-Time Applications:

Students should check with their local district counselor or administrator to determine the best route. School representatives, parents, or students can contact DCA with specific questions.

There are two possible ways to enroll a part-time student:

  • DCADirect is a district-level option. All documentation is handled by the student’s local district representative (typically a counselor, CTE director or principal). Because this option is a district-level program, any district or consortium enrolling more than ten students qualify for a lower per course cost. Contact DCA directly for more information.
  • Part-Time Open Enrollment (PTOE) is a state-legislated process that is handled by the student and/or parent. The cost associated with an approved PTOE course is paid by the student’s district. This program has strict timelines and requirements.

See below for additional instructions.

Ready to Enroll?


Follow these simple instructions to use the registration site:

DCA Direct logo

First Time Users:

1. Find the first course you wish to enroll a student in (Browse by Category, Semester).
2. Click on the Course once you find it, and select ‘Register’ to the left of the course name.
3. You will be asked ‘Who Will Be Attending’. At this time, you do not want to set up your account, select ‘Add Person’ so you can add your student(s).
4. Enter student First and Last Name. Add as many students as necessary, then hit Continue.
5. Continue Browsing if you have more courses to add, and repeat steps.
6. Once all courses and students have been added, click on “Check Out”.
7. You will now be prompted to create your account. Please use your school (not personal) information. You can also add a contact name if another person in your district should receive the invoice instead of you.
8. After you complete your info, you will be prompted to enter the individual student information. Make sure to select ‘Use different info when contacting STUDENT’.
9. Once all students have been entered, you have the option to View Details or Complete Order.
10. Be sure to hit “Complete Order” to finalize the registration.
11. You will be contacted by a DCA Representative to finalize registrations.

Returning Users: Please log in at the upper right-hand corner with your email and password. Please utilize the Forgot Password button if you do not remember your password. We cannot access your passwords for you.

Once you are logged in, you can browse the catalog and add courses. See the instructions above starting with Step 4 to add new students or add previous students.


Contact DCA for cost structure.


Have more Questions? Who should I contact for DCADirect?

Part-Time Open Enrollment

This is a state-level process and is completed by the student or parent.

Process to submit a Part-Time Open Enrollment Application:


Approximately $700 per course seat


Have more Questions? Who should I contact for PTOE?