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Welcome DCA students and families! Below you will find links to important information you’ll need as you navigate your educational journey with us. Not only will you learn more about our values, opportunities, and ways to get involved, but you will find links to additional school information.

Important Links

We want every student to succeed at DCA! This starts with our Week of Welcome. This 5-day program provides students with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of everything that DCA has to offer, navigate their courses, and sets them up for success beyond high school with their personalized learning plan (PLP).

Got school spirit? Want to connect with events? Interested in joining the advisory committees? Check out this page.

Is your student absent? Are you planning a trip where your student will be unable to school? Is your student having a prolonged health issue? It is important to keep DCA staff apprised of absences and family circumstances. Use this resource to learn how to easily provide this information.

We are excited to invite students to join our school-based clubs. While these are optional, they may add an important opportunity for student to connect with one another in current or developing interest.

Work-based learning provides students with real-life work experience where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability.

Ready for a college class?  Want to earn an industry or community certification while in high school?  Do you want to learn more about Advanced Placement (AP) credits and your opportunities?  Check out this page.

It is important to us to ensure that our students are thinking about who they are as individuals, and as part of a community, as well as where they want to go in their futures, and planning the road ahead.  Our personalized learning plan process encourages students to discover themselves, their skills, interests, etc. and sets them on the road to success. 

The mission of the school counseling department at Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin is to establish relationships with all students by offering support in their academic, career, and personal/social development. Through key partnerships, our counselors ensure that all students receive an individualized plan that maximizes students’ strengths and is tailored toward their postsecondary aspirations. 

Our school offers a host of services to help your student get the support they need to thrive in school and beyond. Below is a list of specific services, providers, and contact information.

Learning Coaches, or LCs for short, are an integral part of each student’s success.  But, learning coaches can use support too.  Check out this page to gain access to a variety of options available to LCs.

State standardized testing is required by all Wisconsin public school students.  Link here to learn more about how the Wisconsin Virtual Academies works to accommodate our students through this required component.